Introduction to Purafil

In 1962, Alan Shepard became the first American to go into space, the USSR was putting missiles in Cuba, and kids around the country were getting their first look at Marvel Comics’ new superhero, The Amazing Spider-Man. Perhaps not as well documented in the history books, 1962 was also a revolutionary year for gas-phase air filtration as it marked the birth of Purafil – the first impregnated media pellets capable of removing harmful gases that caused corrosion to heavy processing equipment.

In 1962, Purafil was simply a patented application with the potential to reinvent the gas-phase filtration market. After several years of successful market trials, Purafil was incorporated as a standalone manufacturer 1969, and to this day operates as the industry-leading, single-source provider of gas-phase filtration assessment, solutions, and monitoring. From the early days of working to protect Texas oil refineries, Purafil now offers over 30,000 SKUs, operates in over 70 countries, owns 28 active patents and trademarks, and is the first choice in cutting edge filtration for top search provider data centers, NASA launch pads, global oil refineries, major medical facilities, pulp and paper facilities, municipal water treatment plants, the Smithsonian Institute, opera houses, hospitals, embassies, universities, international airports, luxury resorts and hotels, office buildings, and financial institutions.

So, what does Purafil do specifically? Put simply, our products and solutions monitor and remove harmful and unpleasant particles, gases, odors, bacteria, and viruses from the environment. The results of this are many: corrosion prevention, reduced odors, increased comfort levels, better equipment reliability, preservation of artifacts, increased shelf-life of everyday consumables, and more. Since we pioneered gas-phase filtration in the 1960s, a lot of competition has entered the industry (and many have fizzled out). Two things set Purafil apart and help us maintain our position as the market leader: constant innovation and customer immersion.

As for innovation, our corporate culture thrives on “firsts”. We were the first to engineer, manufacture, and patent potassium and sodium permanganate impregnated media for the eradication of air pollutants; and the first to engineer, manufacture, and patent Purafil SP, the only pellet to contain 12% sodium permanganate for the highest working capacity targeting a broad range of contaminants. We were the first to develop and patent the OnGuard® quartz crystal microbalance technology for continuous, real-time monitoring of corrosion; and the first to develop the Purafilter®, a combination gaseous and particulate pleated filter with chemical media. We were the first to miniaturize the industrial technology used to protect renowned landmarks and artifacts, bringing truly clean air into the commercial space; and the first to combine a unique antiviral and antibacterial technology with molecular and particulate filtration in a single IAQ filter.

As for customer immersion, there’s a reason why thousands of customers around the world rely on Purafil and there’s a reason why a third of Purafil’s revenues come from recurring revenue streams. We provide consistent and seamless filtration solutions across an impressive range of business applications – industrial, wastewater, medical, electronic, commercial, residential , museum/archive, and many more. While we have a seamless arsenal of integrated media, equipment, filters, monitors and lab services; we understand that to truly solve problems over the long haul, our corporate responsiveness and continuity of supply are just as important as the quality of our products. Innovation and new product development are driven in large part by our customers, which is why immersion in their businesses is such a beneficial two-way street at Purafil.

A lot has changed at Purafil over the last 60+ years, but throughout we’ve stuck to our core beliefs in innovation and customer service. We’ve set a high bar for our competition evidenced by an impressive number of industry awards for our products, quality, and environmental stewardship.Every day, we are proud to protect thousands of processes, environments, and people throughout seventy countries with our air filtration systems. That said, we understand our history is in the past, which is why we’re continually looking forward to the future.

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