Odor Control

Do you know your neighbor? The vicinity surrounding a wastewater treatment plant is the most important neighbor you have. We preserve your reputation in the community with permanent solutions for odor control, removing up to 99% of objectionable odors for the benefit of nearby residents.

The Problem

Municipal wastewater treatment facilities discharge odors as the result of the processes of collecting and treating wastewater. They are charged with treating air emissions and nuisance odors in compliance with environmental regulations.

The Solution

Media Life Analysis

Provided as a complimentary service, Purafil’s lab analyzes media samples from your air scrubber to determine the remaining life. You can then schedule a replacement date to ensure the protected space is not exposed to gas breakthrough or that your media is replaced prematurely. This service is available for Purafil and SPHINX filtration media.

OdorCarb Ultra

Highly effective at removing 0.30 grams (g) of odorous hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) per cubic centimeter (cc) of media.  This is the primary media for odor control systems in wastewater treatment applications.  Blue indicator pellets help to easily identify the need to replace media.

WWT Drum Scrubber (DS)

The DS is designed for wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations,  lift stations, wet wells, force mains, and at the wastewater treatment plant. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and requiring essentially no maintenance, the DS can be used in remote outdoor areas or zones where high levels of acid gases are present. The scrubber consists of layered beds of chemical media with optional add-ons such as passive configuration, silencers, mist/grease eliminators, and rain hoods.