Emergency Gas Scrubbing

Our passion is protecting and improving the lives of people. Internationally, chlorine gas is the major source of toxic release incidents. Case studies prove that Purafil saves lives in the event of such an accident.

The Problem

Facilities storing large quantities of chlorine must invest in emergency standby equipment to prevent accidental chemical releases. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Risk Management Program for Chemical Accident Release Prevention “requires regulated facilities to develop and implement appropriate risk management programs to minimize the frequency and severity of chemical plant accidents.”

The Solution

Chlorosorb Ultra

Chlorosorb® Ultra is especially formulated for use in Purafil’s emergency gas scrubbers to provide protection from a catastrophic release of chlorine gas from on-site storage.  The removal capacity for chlorine gas is 15% minimum by weight and can remove chlorine gas from storage cylinders ranging from 150 pounds to one ton and higher.

Chlorine Drum Scrubber (CDS)

The CDS targets removal of low-level chlorine gas emissions found at industrial sites or water treatment plants. It is recommended for smaller air flow applications and is available in three sizes: 100 cfm, 300 cfm, and 500 cfm. The scrubber consists of layered beds of chemical media with optional addons such as passive configuration, silencers, mist/grease eliminator, and rain hood.

Emergency Gas Scrubber (EGS)

An Emergency Gas Scrubber is designed to control catastrophic gas releases from 68 kg (150 lb.) to over 2,727 kg (6,000 lb.) while mitigating any risk to human lives in the surrounding communities. This scrubber prevents toxic chlorine (Cl2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), or ammonia (NH3) gas releases, resulting from a failure in the storage cylinder or system, by providing immediate removal of leaking gas. Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of the people living nearby.