Introducing the PuraShield Smart Molecular Air ScrubberWhen you need power and flexibility to protect vulnerable indoor spaces like a dental office, medical office, or a laboratory, the portable PuraShield Smart offers more power, custom filtration media, and flexibility. It’s digital display […]
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PuraShield For Long Term Care

Studies show a direct correlation between heightened risk of infections and low star ratings. Reducing airborne transmission is key to keeping residents safe and healthy — and securing your facility’s future. Complete your infection prevention […]

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Combating Harmful Aerosols with the PuraShield Smart

Dr. Jessica Cohen DMD M.S., discusses why she is using the PuraShield Smart Molecular Air Scrubber to help protect her staff and provide peace of mind to her patients. Learn more on our product page.

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Why the PuraShield 500 is right for Dr. David E. Schmidt, D.D.S., LVIM

Dr. David E. Schmidt, D.D.S., LVIM discusses why he selected the PuraShield 500 Molecular Air Scrubber for his dental office. Learn more on our product page.

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Students & Teachers Returning to the Classroom with PuraShield

Students, teachers and administrators at Chicago Jesuit Academy were able to return to the classroom more confidently this Fall with the help of Purafil’s PuraShield 500 air scrubbers, which remove 99.99% of aerosols carrying viruses*. […]

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