Purafil helps keep your water safe
10 Unexpected Ways Purafil Impacts Your LifeEverything in this world seems to have a purpose. Whether it’s anxiety-reducing fidget spinners, Bluetooth headphones that free you from wires or the latest craze on Amazon, all products have some sort of purpose, no […]
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SPHINX™ Outlasts Competitors to Deliver Superior Odor Control

Filtration Plus Ltd., the leading air filtration company serving Atlantic Canada, was receiving requests for odor control solutions from multiple indoor grow house facilities seeking the right option to meet Health Canada odor regulations. This […]

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Major Ceiling Tile Manufacturer Puts an End to Corrosion & Computer Failure

One of the world’s largest ceiling tile manufacturers can’t afford to shut down its plant due to equipment and computer failure. To manufacture its ceiling tiles, the manufacturer uses quite a bit of water, dispensing […]

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Emergency Gas Scrubbers

Why We Love Dry Scrubbers

Emergency gas scrubbers help keep us safe by capturing toxic gases released by industrial processes before they can leak into the environment and surrounding communities. While industrial, water treatment and wastewater plants have plans in […]

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Purafil R&D Lab

Getting to Know Purafil

Manufacturing Today, a trade publication dedicated to keeping industry leaders abreast of operational issues, best practices and emerging companies, conducted an interview with Rob Carpio of Filtration Group. Learn more about Purafil and where we’re […]

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