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Site Terms & Conditions

By accessing and using this Website of PURAFIL, INC., meaning PURAFIL, INC. and/or its Parent Company and any of its affiliates, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Warranty Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
Although every care has been taken to assure the accuracy of the information on this Website, PURAFIL, INC. provides this information “AS IS” and DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. You acknowledge that your use of this Website is at your sole risk, that you assume full responsibility for all costs associated with use of this Website, and that PURAFIL, INC. shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, or indirect damages of any kind arising out of your access to, or use of the information or software made available on this Website.

Any warranties and representations in this Website for Purafil products or services that you purchase or use will be subject to the agreed upon terms and conditions in the contract for such product or service.

Further, for non-PURAFIL, INC. Websites that are referenced in our Website or where a hyperlink appears, PURAFIL, INC. makes no warranties concerning the accuracy or reliability of the information in these Websites and assumes no responsibility for material created or published by third parties contained therein. In addition, PURAFIL, INC. does not warrant that this Website or these other linked Websites are free from viruses or other harmful elements.

Copyright in this Website and copyright of the information and software made available on this Website rest with PURAFIL, INC. or its licensors. All rights are reserved. All licensed material will reference the licensor that has granted PURAFIL, INC. the right to use the material. The information and software made available on this Website may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, transferred, distributed, stored, modified, downloaded or otherwise exploited for any commercial use without the prior written approval of PURAFIL, INC. However, it may be reproduced, stored and downloaded for use by individuals without prior written approval of PURAFIL, INC. Under no circumstances may this information or software be supplied to third parties.

Trademarks and Patents
All trademarks, brand names, and corporate logos displayed on the Website are the property of PURAFIL, INC. or its licensors, and may not be used in any way without prior written approval by PURAFIL, INC. All licensed trademarks published on this Website reference the licensor that has granted PURAFIL, INC. the right to use the trademark. Access to this Website does not grant to the user any license under any patents owned by or licensed to PURAFIL, INC.

PURAFIL, INC. reserves the right to make changes or additions to this Website at any time.

Website Privacy Policy

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this web site.

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Limited Warranty

PURAFIL, INC. warrants the products manufactured by Purafil to be free from defects in title, material, and workmanship. PURAFIL, INC.’s only obligation hereunder is to either repair or replace its nonconforming products, if returned within twelve (12) months from date of purchase. No allowance will be granted for repairs or alterations made by Buyer. The warranty shall not be construed to cover the cost of any work done by Buyer on material furnished by PURAFIL, INC. or the cost of removal or installation of product. Products and parts not manufactured by PURAFIL, INC. are warranted only to the extent and in the manner that the same are warranted to PURAFIL, INC. by its vendors and then only to the extent PURAFIL, INC. is able to enforce such warranty.

The foregoing states the sole and exclusive warranty provided by PURAFIL, INC. and there are no other warranties either expressed or implied in fact or by law. This warranty does not apply to any goods subjected to misuse, mishandling, misapplication, neglect, (including but not limited to use of unauthorized parts or attachments), or adjustment/repair performed by anyone other than PURAFIL, INC. or PURAFIL, INC.’s authorized agent, or damage caused by the force majeure.

Site Ownership

This Website is owned and published by:

2654 Weaver Way
Doraville, GA 30340
U.S.A. Phone: +1 770 662 8545
Fax: +1 770 263 6922
E-mail: [email protected]

Information about Cookies

PURAFIL, INC. Website uses cookies. A cookie is an element of data that a Website can send to your browser, which may then store it on your system. PURAFIL, INC. uses cookies to coordinate the information on our Website as closely as possible to the preferences of you as a visitor (such as country and language choices). Further, cookies help to tailor the information the Website will provide to you upon a return visit. Items such as a username, should you have registered with this Website, may be stored via a cookie.

On PURAFIL, INC.’s Website, both transient and persistent cookies are used. With transient cookies we refer to cookies that are only kept in memory within the lifespan of the user’s session with the site. These cookies are not persisted to the end user’s system. Persistent cookies make it possible for our Website to recognize you whenever you return to our Website so that the settings you have made during previous visits are recognized so you don’t need to re-set them every visit. Persistent cookies are persistently stored on the client system (hard drive or elsewhere), the lifetime of these cookies can span from a few seconds to several years. Examples of where the PURAFIL, INC. Website uses persistent cookies is to remember country/language selections, helping with collecting statistics, and for remembering if the user already has responded to an online survey.

If you don’t wish to accept cookies from the PURAFIL, INC. Website you can: leave this Website, or configure your browser to either notify you when you receive a cookie (giving you the chance to decide whether to accept it) or to block all or certain categories of cookies. The browser can also delete previously stored cookies. Please see your browser’s help facility for information on setting how cookies are handled. Even if you have turned off the setting in your browser that allows the use of cookies, you can still visit most of the sections available at PURAFIL, INC.’s Website.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

PURAFIL, INC. applies General Conditions and Terms of Sale which aims to simplify negotiations and to rationalize the handling of contracts and contract relations. This can be viewed by clicking the link below.
PURAFIL, INC. Terms and Conditions of Sale

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Intellectual Property

All designs, drawings, developments, inventions, discoveries, improvements, ideas, patents, patent rights, trademarks, trade name, copyrights, patent applications, copyright applications or trademark or trade name applications, made, conceived, reduced to practice and/or acquired “Intellectual Property,” as the case may be, in connection with the manufacture, use and/or sale of the Products, shall belong to and be the exclusive property of PURAFIL, INC.

No right, title, or license is granted by, or shall be implied from the use of this Website under any patent or trademark rights now or hereafter owned or controlled by PURAFIL, INC. or in which it now has or hereafter shall have any interest, except only the right to sell and use Products.