Odor Control Equipment

Some locations may be affected by odors, ranging from nuisance to overwhelming. Purafil supports your efforts to eradicate all types of odors and provide a pleasant environment to exceed your expectations.

The Solution

To determine which solution is right for you, use the infographic below. After determining your level of corrosion vs. area to protect, click to learn more about the products that are recommended for you.

Deep Bed Scrubber for Odor Control (DBS)

The Purafil Deep Bed Scrubber (DBS) is a highly effective, bulk media scrubber designed for controlled environments with medium-to-high contaminant gas levels. The DBS remedies the gases’ corrosive effects and meets stringent air quality standards set by the International Society of Automation (ISA). It is ideal for refineries, steel mills, smelters, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, and other hostile environments. It also functions, if needed, as a shelter-in-place application to protect employees.

Parallel Bed Scrubber (PBS)

The Purafil Parallel Bed Scrubber is a large, bulk media scrubber that removes high concentrations of target gases with very high horizontal air flow in municipal and industrial markets. This equipment is indicated for different applications such as screening rooms, headworks, large pump stations, refineries, and petrochemical plants. It is also used to polish the biofilter discharge air.

Tub Scrubber for Odor Control (TSS)

The TSS provides clean air in controlled environments housing sensitive electronics. With a three-foot media bed depth. The scrubber is constructed of fiberglass, 3003 H-14 aluminum, or 304 or 315 stainless steel; 1.0 iwg (249 Pa) external static pressure; easily accessible fill port and clean-out port; MERV 6 efficient prefilter; high-efficiency final filter preceded by a MERV 6 efficient pre-final filter; externally mounted, enclosed blower system; damper controlled air inlet; prefilter housing for blow-through system. Option on demand.

Vessel Scrubber (VS)

The Vessel Scrubber is used at large headworks, full treatment plants and large digesters. It is sized for airflows from 8,000 to 20,000 cfm (13,592 to 33,980 m3/hr). Standard features: single-bed, fiberglass vessel; full charge of Odorcarb II and Odormix media manufactured by Purafil; media sampling ports on side and top of vessel; externally mounted, belt-driven, FRP blower section. Clean air is discharged to the outdoors through a short vertical stack.

WWT Drum Scrubber (DS)

The DS is designed for wastewater treatment facilities, pump stations,  lift stations, wet wells, force mains, and at the wastewater treatment plant. Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials and requiring essentially no maintenance, the DS can be used in remote outdoor areas or zones where high levels of acid gases are present. The scrubber consists of layered beds of chemical media with optional add-ons such as passive configuration, silencers, mist/grease eliminators, and rain hoods.