Molecular Media

Purafil’s patented, spherical, porous pellets remove gaseous pollutants from the air through a unique chemical process known as chemisorption. During chemisorption, the media converts harmful gases from the air into harmless materials that are trapped inside the pellet. This process is instantaneous and irreversible.

The Solution

AC Pellet Activated Carbon Media

Purafil’s pelletized activated carbon media provides broad-based removal of odorous and harmful contaminant gases. Using CTC 60 coconut carbon, these uniformly manufactured spherical pellets provide a high surface area for adsorbing contaminants and low pressure drop for better airflow and energy consumption. Our activated carbon pellet is engineered for increased removal of odorous Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), outdoor pollution, and acid gases with proven performance from Purafil.

Chlorosorb Ultra

Chlorosorb® Ultra is especially formulated for use in Purafil’s emergency gas scrubbers to provide protection from a catastrophic release of chlorine gas from on-site storage.  The removal capacity for chlorine gas is 15% minimum by weight and can remove chlorine gas from storage cylinders ranging from 150 pounds to one ton and higher.

CP Blend

50:50 volume blend of Chemisorbant and activated carbon media. Chemisorbant media is impregnated with potassium permanganate to provide optimum adsorption, absorption and oxidation of a wide variety of gaseous contaminants. Our activated carbon media is a pelletized activated carbon with a pore structure that is optimal for the adsorption of a broad range of contaminants and concentrations.

OdorCarb Ultra

Highly effective at removing 0.30 grams (g) of odorous hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) per cubic centimeter (cc) of media.  This is the primary media for odor control systems in wastewater treatment applications.  Blue indicator pellets help to easily identify the need to replace media.


Designed for neutralization of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide, this media is manufactured specifically for the corrosive environments and consists of generally spherical, porous pellets. Composed of carbon, alumina and other binders.

Puracarb® AM

Puracarb AM targets base gases such as amines, ammonia, and like compounds. It has a higher bulk density and larger removal capacity than standard ammonia control media. It provides 99.5% initial removal efficiency in Purafil equipment systems.

Purafil Chemisorbant

Purafil Chemisorbant targets the removal of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitric oxide (NO), and formaldehyde (CH2O).  This media is formed from a combination of activated alumina and other binders, impregnated with potassium permanganate, providing optimum adsorption, absorption, and oxidation of a wide variety of gaseous contaminants.

Purafil SP

Effectively removes hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and formaldehyde. Demonstrates a higher working capacity for broad-spectrum oxidation of contaminants in actual field conditions, where multiple gas challenges are present. The Purafil SP contains 12% permanganate.


Used in Combination with Other Media for Broad-Spectrum Pollutant Removal. This activated carbon media shall consist of virgin grade, activated, non-impregnated carbon. Broad-spectrum odor control in water / wastewater treatment applications where multiple contaminant gases are present such as: hydrocarbons, mercaptans, chlorine, and nitrogen dioxide.


Removes sulfur oxides and other odorous pollutants from makeup air. Purafil Select is also recommended for the preservation of fruits, vegetables, and flowers because of its effectiveness at removing ethylene, a ripening agent. Contains 8% of potassium permanganate.

Select CP Blend

Select CP Blend

50:50 volume blend of Select and activated carbon media. Removes sulfur oxides and other odorous pollutants from makeup air. Automobiles and other sources of fossil fuel combustion produce these pollutants. Select CP Blend is recommended as a polishing media in odor control and corrosion control applications, eliminating jet and diesel exhaust fumes, kitchen odors, smoke, and outdoor pollution in urban environments.

SP Blend

50:50 volume blend of SP and activated carbon medial. Demonstrates a higher working capacity for broad-spectrum oxidation of contaminants in actual field conditions where multiple gas challenges are present.

Make Up Air (MUA)

MUA is made from an equal mix (by volume) of Purafil SP and activated carbon media. Removes the widest variety of odors and gases from applications where jet fuel fumes, diesel exhaust and automobile emissions are present.