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Purafil Makes it Safer for Small Businesses to Reopen

While the threat of the coronavirus is far from over, businesses around the world are looking for ways to responsibly reopen their doors—while keeping their customers and employees as safe as possible. In order to […]

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How Purafil is Helping Nursing Homes Combat The Spread of Viruses

As concerns around COVID-19 continue to grow, businesses, educational institutions, and medical facilities are taking even more precautionary measures to keep people safe. Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing are common practice, but […]

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Providing Critical KN95 Particulate Respirator Facemasks

As the leader in air filtration, Purafil has been innovating the latest in filtration technology and retooling equipment to address concerns and provide a solution to the growing pandemic. As part of that effort, Purafil […]

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Fighting Viruses and Bacteria: Filtration that Removes 99.99% of Aerosols Carrying Viruses*

With growing concerns around the global pandemic, businesses around the world are innovating solutions to help limit the spread of the virus and keep our communities safe. As leaders in air filtration, Purafil has the […]

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