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25 Years of Effective Corrosion Monitoring and Increased Electronics Reliability

May 2012 marks the 25th anniversary of Purafil’s Corrosion Classification Coupons (CCCs) analysis. Originally, CCCs were mainly intended for monitoring control rooms in industrial settings and to this day, over 75% of CCCs analyzed come […]

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When Biotechnology Meets Dry Odor Control Technologies

As biotechnologies are fast developing, more filtration systems are using it to overcome air challenges. Biofiltration systems are fairly simple to operate and offer cost-effective solutions for treating malodorous compounds and water-soluble volatile organic compounds […]

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Purafil Adds New Focus on Electronics and Mission Critical Market Dave Ruede Hired as the Market Manager

Purafil, Inc. the leader in gas-phase filtration is implementing its five-year expansion plan and recently added Dave Ruede as its Electronics and Mission Critical Market Manager. Ruede brings over 25 years of experience helping customers […]

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Purafil Hires New Biological Air Treatment Manager to Contribute to Five-Year Expansion Efforts

As part of its five-year expansion plan, Purafil hired Tom Miles as its Product Manager for the Biological Air Treater, in February 2012. The BIOLOGICAL AIR TREATER (BAT) is Purafil’s latest innovation in odor control […]

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