10 Unexpected Ways Purafil Impacts Your Life

Everything in this world seems to have a purpose. Whether it’s anxiety-reducing fidget spinners, Bluetooth headphones that free you from wires or the latest craze on Amazon, all products have some sort of purpose, no matter how ridiculous. Like these products, Purafil solutions serve a purpose, too, but maybe not quite how you expected. Check out a list of ways our products make your life safer, healthier and more productive below!

1. We feed your smartphone and laptop addiction. Did you know that we create the pure environments necessary to make the delicate microelectronics (semiconductors, disks, displays) to power your computers and smartphones? Whether you’re typing out that final sales email or at home jamming out to Spotify, we’ve got you covered.
Purafil powers smartphones and computers

2. We encourage your love of the arts. Ancient artifacts, priceless art, wacky design installations…we protect it all. Our filters keep the air in museums and libraries pure enough to fight off art decay and preserve years of history.
Purafil preserves art

3. We keep you hydrated. You know that big gulp of water you take after an intense workout? Yep, Purafil plays a hand in that, too! We prevent toxic gas releases of the chemicals required to clean your water, which also helps keep your community safe! Pretty cool.
Purafil helps keep your water safe

4. We power your cars. Pumping gas is pretty simple for most of us, but the whole refinery process behind it…not so much! The refinement process releases a lot of harmful gases that corrode the equipment necessary to create gasoline. Our filters get rid of the gases, so the equipment can keep on keeping on to create the gasoline we need to get around.
Purafil powers cars

5. We make gift-giving easy. Can you imagine trying to ship holiday presents without shipping boxes? Neither can we. This is why we protect the equipment in pulp and paper mills—if a machine’s down, that could be thousands of boxes you don’t get to use to ship your presents, create forts with or use for storage. We prevent corrosion, you get to send out your presents.
Purafil makes paper possible

6. We keep your babies safe. Okay, your loved ones, too, but that’s just not as cute as babies. By filtering out contaminants, pollution and gases from IVF centers and hospitals, we enable serious surgeries, keep nurseries safe and clean, and even protect critical equipment such as CT scanners.
Purafil protects your babies

7. We make you smarter and healthier. Well, we try at least. Schools are full of contaminants from all sorts of unexpected sources such as furniture, copiers and even paint. By getting rid of these pollutants, we not only improve the quality of the air you’re breathing, but we also help reduce asthma inhaler usage and sick days. So kids, stay in school. You’ll be smarter and healthier!
Purafil protects against pollutants

8. We make travel enjoyable. We all love reaching our final destination, but the sitting in airports part can be a bit of a pain. The very least we could do is get rid of those nasty jet fumes and ensure safety by keeping the guys who control the flights happy. And that’s exactly what we do. Our filters get rid of harmful gases and other chemical smells, so you can spend your layover breathing in fresh air. Grab your headphones, sit back, and enjoy a breath of fresh air.
Purafil cleans up airport fumes

9. We keep you connected. We don’t want to imagine a world without the internet, so we’ve made sure to safeguard this precious commodity. How? By protecting data centers around the world from corrosion. By preventing corrosion, we keep the servers up and running, so we never have to go without internet. Unless you have bad Wi-Fi, then you’re just out of luck.
Stay connected with Purafil

10. We let you get your spa day on. You work hard; you deserve a break every once in a while. Right? Purafil is all about relaxation, so we ensure a comfortable stay at your favorite hotel by getting rid of those funky kitchen smells and gross mold odors that somehow made their way into your room. After all, who wants to get a massage when all you can smell is brussels sprouts and mold? Not us!
Relax with Purafil

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