Ridding the Air of Ozone for Better Indoor Air Quality

We often focus on outdoor pollution and the effects it has on our health and the health of our planet. However, we rarely pay attention to indoor pollution, its sources or the impacts it can have on us. There might not be smog so thick you can’t see across the street, but indoor pollution can be just as bad.

With gases and contaminants such as ozone being pulled in through HVAC (ventilation) systems, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be negatively affected, which has a big impact on human health.

Concerned about ozone and the best way to remove it? Purafil’s got you covered! We understand that retrofitting new filters into an existing air handling unit (AHU) can be a pain, which is why we recommend using something that requires little or no retrofitting. Our Purafilters and PuraGRID filters are our quickest and easiest solution for effective ozone removal.

The Purafilter® is a combination filter that integrates our patented chemical media and activated carbon into a particulate filter for up to ten times the removal capacity of other chemical filters. They are especially efficient at removing ozone from outdoor air, ensuring that your indoor air remains clean and safe for occupants.


The PuraGRID® is an extruded carbon composite, which allows for a large amount of chemical filtration with minimal pressure drop. The PuraGRID filters are effective at removing a number of contaminants, including ozone. With full utilization of the media, these filters are a great option for cleaning the outdoor air so tenants inside are breathing safe and clean air.

Chris Muller, Technical Director at Purafil, explains how getting rid of ozone from outdoor air makes for a safer, healthier and more productive environment indoors. Check out his article in Air & Waste Management Association’s em Plus Magazine here!