Purafil’s Purafilter receives Runner Up in the Indoor Air Quality category for the ACREX Awards of Excellence

Purafil’s Purafilter is a combination chemical and particulate filter that contains up-to 10 times the media of activated carbon filters. The company’s filter monitoring program assures ongoing compliance with ASHRAE 62’s Indoor Air Quality Procedure, making it an ideal candidate for the ACREX Award of Excellence in the Indoor Air Quality product category. A few key benefits of the Purafilter include low pressure drop, long filter life and reduced maintenance costs, saving the end user money on frequent replacement filters and labor costs. Purafil’s engineers created a first-to-market to successfully suspend sodium permanganate adsorbents in a bi-component fiber matrix. Designed to replace existing particulate filters in retrofit or rework applications, the Purafilter is the solution for improved IAQ while also saving consumers money on operational costs.

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