Purafil Receives Editor’s Choice Award in Pollution Engineering

Purafil’s OnGuard Loop Sensor wins in the Waste category of Pollution Engineering magazine and is featured on page 30.

The OnGuard Loop Sensor (OGLS) from Purafil utilizes highly sensitive quartz crystal microbalance sensors to provide accurate and reliable real-time corrosion monitoring. Ideal for control rooms, motor control centers, VFDs or other areas where corrosion is of concern, the OGLS allows for action to be taken before problems develop — increasing the reliability of electronic and electrical instrumentation, and reducing the cost of maintenance repairs. The standard features include the following: service life of 4,000 ångströms; patented technology specific to airborne corrosion; accurate within plus or minus zero to 1 percent of full span; corresponds to ISA Standard S71.04-1985; and 4-20 mA output signals.

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