Purafil Makes it Safer for Small Businesses to Reopen

While the threat of the coronavirus is far from over, businesses around the world are looking for ways to responsibly reopen their doors—while keeping their customers and employees as safe as possible.

In order to open the economy, customers and workers must have confidence that they are safe to begin a “new normal”. Establishments like gyms, retail shops, bars and restaurants will need to implement new safety precautions, like those provided by the Centers for Disease Control, local authorities and health officials. New safety measures will generally include strict handwashing, personal protective equipment, social distancing and rigorous cleaning and disinfecting.

But a robust plan for reopening safely needs to include more than that. There are many unknowns about how this virus spreads, but it has been shown to stay airborne for up to three hours. As we consider spending more time in buildings other than our homes, many may be wondering, can air conditioning spread the virus?

To protect against the spread of airborne particles, business owners can go a step further by removing viruses and bacteria from the air itself—providing better assurances that their team members, shoppers, diners, or patrons are safe when they return.

For example, we are working closely with restaurant groups looking to welcome diners back into their establishments in the coming weeks. In addition to an entirely new dining experience that includes completely re-worked dining rooms and minimal interactions, owners are utilizing Purafil’s filtration solutions to make the air safer to breathe for their staff and patrons.

When surrounded by uncertainties, Purafil provides reliable filtration media that destroys up to 99.98% of target viruses and bacteria*. Purafil’s air filtration solutions utilize technology that has been proven effective against SARS, Influenza, H1N1, and airborne bacteria.  We are now making this powerful indoor air filtration available for businesses of all sizes –and even private homes—with our PuraShield air scrubber cabinets.

Each piece of equipment includes:

1) A Pre-filter that catches large particles and removes them from the air.

2) Chemical filtration uses antimicrobial chemical media that allows for an oxidation process that eliminates target viruses and bacteria from the air.

3) Puraward fiber (PWF) technology kills viruses and bacteria. PWF is embedded with copper and silver ions that have antimicrobial properties.

4) A HEPA filter that cleans the air of 99.97% of particulates as small as 0.3 microns before releasing it back into the room.

By effectively cleaning the air and achieving the CDC’s recommended number of air changes per hour, Purafil air filtration systems eliminate viruses and bacteria, which can help minimize the spread of COVID-19 and provide much-needed peace of mind for businesses as they make plans to reopen.

To learn more about Purafil’s air filtration equipment and how it can eliminate viruses and bacteria, visit our website.
*2018 Assessment of Viricidal Effectiveness of Treated Fabric Material Via Direct Contact – Misting Study SARS – Associated Coronavirus and H1N1. Microbac Laboratories, Inc.

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