Purafil Featured in Canadian Process Equipment and Control News

“Water Treatment Facility Achieves Benefits With Dry Scrubber” – The City of Richland, WA Columbia River Water Treatment Plant (WTP) was built and put into operation in the fall of 1963, supplementing a system of wells that were constructed by the federal government in the 1940’s. Richland’s WTP is a direct filtration surface water treatment plant designed to treat a maximum flow of 30 million gallons a day. The plant is one of three water treatment sites operated and maintained by Richland Water. The system presently serves a population of approximately 50,000.

Unlike caustic liquid scrubbers which require staff to regularly measure the total amount of gas that can be fed in the scrubber, the media inside dry scrubbers are immediately available for instantaneous reaction, regardless of the gas load rate. Purafil’s dry emergency gas scrubber discharges less than 25 parts per billion, whereas wet scrubbers discharge 1-4 parts per million.

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