Purafil and Nanjing LvTong Environment Protection Technologies Partner Together for China Consumers

September 1, 2015

Press Release: Purafil and Nanjing LvTong Environment Protection Technologies Partner Together for China Consumers

Atlanta, GA, United States – Purafil is proud to announce LvTong as our exclusive online distributor in China. Purafil and LvTong have combined their expertise and experience to bring the best air purification products available to consumers. This partnership builds upon company strengths in the marketplace to improve the quality of life.

LvTong is a veteran of the communications sector in China, constantly improving the quality and development of online communications, social media, and websites. Weibo, a social media site, has over 600 million registered users. Their commitment to caring for their customers led them to seek the best solution for improving indoor air quality in China.

Since 1969, Purafil is the global leader in the molecular air filtration industry. Every day, Purafil protects thousands of people, processes, and environments throughout seventy countries with patented air filtration systems. Revolutionary air purifiers remove dust and other particulates, fumes, odors, 230+ gases, viruses, and bacteria from the surrounding environment.

“Combining the strength of Purafil’s innovative technologies with LvTong’s online communications and expertise in eCommerce provides a unique benefit for consumers,” said James Mash, President and CEO, Purafil. “Our partnership creates easy access to healthier air.”

Caring for people is the heart of the partnership between Purafil and LvTong. Explore JD.com, WeChat, and Weibo for revolutionary air purifiers to protect your home, car, office, and other personal spaces.

Breathe better, live well.

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At Purafil, our sense of care is essential to the way we work. Since 1969, we engineer revolutionary products that set new standards in the protection of people, processes, and environments.  We are inspired to create a better world.

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