The Newest Additions to Purafil’s Active Corrosion Monitoring Line

We are dedicated to finding innovative ways to provide safer, healthier, and more productive environments. In line with our goal of maintaining productive environments, Purafil offers a range of products and solutions to prevent costly repairs and downtime caused by corrosion. We are excited to share the launch of our newest products in Purafil’s active corrosion monitoring line, the OnGuard® Smart and the OnGuard Lite®. These products are designed for the monitoring of corrosion in Industrial, Commercial, Wastewater, and Precision Air environments.

The OnGuard Lite is a great option for an immediate indication of corrosive gases with its simple Pass/Fail result as opposed to waiting for lab analysis. Learn more about the OnGuard Lite.

The OnGuard Smart is our latest real-time corrosion monitor. We have incorporated a room pressure sensor and Wi-Fi capabilities to provide a complete picture of the environment’s air quality. Learn more about the OnGuard Smart.

Not sure what type of monitoring you need? Read more the difference between active and passive monitoring and the environments they are beneficial in. Check it out here!

We are committed to providing clean air solutions. Our breadth of products and services, along with our 40+ years of technical knowledge, make us the right fit to help you with monitoring, and preventing corrosion.
Read our press release for the OnGuard Lite
Read our press release for the OnGuard Smart

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