LEED® Leads to Energy Savings & Happy Tenants

After 50 years in the business, Purafil has made quite the name for ourselves. We take pride in our reputation of superior service and gas phase filtration systems. While we are known for our industrial applications at pulp and paper mills and wastewater treatment facilities, we have seen equal success in the commercial market. So much so that we were able to help a Charlotte skyscraper achieve LEED® Platinum certification.

The Duke Energy Center is a beautifully designed high-rise mixed use development in Charlotte, NC. This landmark development includes a 48-story office building with parking decks, an annex, plaza, condominiums and the Mint Museum. With help from Purafil, the Duke Energy Center earned the prestigious LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) New Construction Platinum certification. This is the best possible rating a commercial building can earn and is what helps drive occupancy rates.

Earning LEED certification requires buildings to be environmentally conscious and more energy efficient. One such way to do so is through improvements to HVAC systems and indoor environmental quality. The Duke Energy Center owner requested the Indoor Air Quality from ASHRAE Standard 62.1 (IAQP) be used for capital equipment cost savings that would allow for a continual reduction in HVAC system operating costs and help towards LEED certification.

Purafil installed PuraGrid™ filters to clean and recirculate restroom exhaust. This provided a reduction in outside air required by regulations and saved the center money by reducing monthly energy costs associated with cooling and heating the outside air.

These solutions allowed for better indoor air quality, an important factor in earning LEED certification. All of this is what gained the Duke Energy Center points towards LEED Platinum certification.

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