Why Gas Phase: The Importance of Filtration

With increased concerns about the air we breathe, gas phase filtration has never been more important. We’re all aware of pollution from cars and industrial plants, but what about the damaging gases that are corroding our electronics, letting off sordid smells and putting our personnel at risk? Not to worry, gas phase filtration effectively removes these gases from the air, thus protecting the people and the equipment critical to maintaining your process.

Before we dive into gas phase filtration, let’s define what exactly it is: the removal of harmful, nuisance and toxic gases from the air. This can be applied to air coming into your facility, carrying in outside pollution, as well as the contaminants being released by your process inside. Not only does gas phase filtration improve indoor air quality (IAQ), it also allows you to protect against corrosion, which can cause plant downtime, and odors that are harmful or annoying to your employees. So, how does it work? At Purafil, we remove gases both physically and chemically through adsorption and chemisorption.

Adsorption is the physical removal of gases from the air. Simply stated, the gases are attracted to the media and thus stick to them, capturing them from the air. This is a great first step in the process, but the magic happens with chemisorption. Not only does this improve the effectiveness of sorbents, it creates a chemical reaction that converts the gases into stable compounds that bind with the media as non-toxic, non-harmful salts.

Why should this matter to you? You have valuable electronics in your control rooms that you simply can’t afford to let fail. You want to keep odor complaints from the surrounding communities down. You have employees who need to stay safe and healthy. Solve all these problems with gas phase filtration.

Ready to improve indoor air quality, keep your critical electronics up and running, and protect your most valuable assets—your employees? Find out more about the Purafil gas phase filtration process here.