Purafil Supports China’s Newest Environmental Protection Efforts

Purafil applauds the implementation of China’s upgraded environmental protection law that began in 2015.  As a contributor to the annual IFAT China/IE Expo 2015 in Shanghai, China, we anticipate excitement about the latest technologies designed to uphold these improvements to foster better air quality.

Purafil is proud to protect people, processes, and environments with our air filtration systems.  We remove dust, pollen, odors, harmful gases, and bacteria from the air. Purafil appreciates the most recent version of the Chinese Environmental Protection Law. Since 1969, our purpose has been to improve indoor air quality. Purafil’s current product range supports the environmental improvement through real-time assessment with our monitors and the eradication of harmful gases with our chemical filtration. Empowered by a sense of caring, Purafil recently launched an air purifier to protect people against the effects of air pollution.

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