The Behind the Scenes Superheroes of Purafil

At Purafil, we truly are dedicated to making the world safer, healthier and more productive. This means creating the best media for removing gases and contaminants from the air, designing and engineering top-tier equipment, and providing the highest level of customer service throughout the process. Everyone works hard to make this a reality, especially our engineers who design our filtration equipment. Curious about what exactly they do? Justin Kinney, Engineering Manager at Purafil, gave us a peek into his day and how engineering impacts our business.

So, what exactly does an engineer at Purafil do? They look at customer requirements for a new piece of equipment and create the technical details necessary to actually manufacture the equipment. This includes generating 3D models and 2D drawings, creating work orders and defining the bill of materials—kind of like creating a blueprint. These are essential to manufacturing functional equipment for our customers.

Purafil Engineers

Because we made a commitment to provide our customers with best-in-class products, our engineers also do post-production inspections. This ensures products are defect-free and precisely what the customer ordered. Sometimes, however, this could also mean redefining or redesigning a piece of equipment to ensure quality standards are met while maintaining lead time and giving our customers the lowest price possible.

Purafil Engineers

Aside from the technical specifications, our engineers also work hard to get our customers their equipment on time. This is where their project management skills come into play. They work with other departments to track the parts being purchased, assembled and shipped as well as completion dates, lead times and everything else necessary to provide a quality product on time.

On top of all this, our engineers work with our sales team to answer technical questions and help with quote drawings, provide installation instructions for contractors, write submittals, set ship dates and so much more. They may be working behind the scenes, but our engineers truly are the superheroes who allow us to provide our customers with incredible service and top-tier products.