9 Ways Purafil is Making the World Safer, Healthier & More Productive

Like almost every other successful business out there, Purafil has a mantra, too, but is our slogan really anything more than just words? The answer is yes. While it’s easy to come up with a tagline, living it day in and day out can be tough, but here at Purafil, we really are committed to living out our promise. Curious how we’re making the world safer, healthier and more productive? Here are 10 ways we’re doing precisely that!


1. We help prevent toxic gas releases. Unless you want to drink tainted water—we don’t—wastewater treatment plants play a pretty important role in your life. But to treat that water, they need to use quite a bit of chlorine, which, when released as a gas, can be devastating. By devastating, we mean that there’s an at-risk area for fatalities of up to five miles. Purafil’s powerful media and equipment ensure that, should there be a toxic gas release, the gas doesn’t leave the plant. Yep, we’re keeping your communities safe from potentially fatal chlorine gas leaks, and other toxic gas leaks (ammonia, hydrogen fluoride) from industrial processes. No thanks required!

We help prevent toxic gas releases

2. We keep your adorable bundles of joy safe. Okay, so really, we keep anyone in a hospital safe, but babies are just so darn cute! Our filters remove all the gaseous contaminants from hospital nurseries to keep your babies safe. We also keep ORs pristine by removing gases, contaminants and pollution from the air. In addition to keeping patients safe, we also remove those nasty smells from helicopter and vehicle exhaust around the hospital. We’re just making the world safer, one baby at a time.

We keep your adorable bundles of joy safe

3. We maintain the integrity of priceless art and artifacts. Yeah, we know…art isn’t as impactful as saving human lives, but it’s important nonetheless. History lives on through art, ancient artifacts and stories, and we’re happy that we keep these precious commodities safe with our filtration systems. By eliminating harmful gases from the air, we are able to preserve these priceless works of art and protect them from deterioration and decay.

We maintain the integrity of priceless art and artifacts


4. We keep your lungs happy. Our lungs are pretty important for us to breathe properly, which is why Purafil is also pretty important. With so much pollution, contaminants and gases in the air, there are bound to be a few health side effects. By removing all these contaminants from the air, we keep your lungs happy and you healthy. After all, shouldn’t you be breathing the freshest air possible?

We keep your lungs happy

5. We protect life-saving hospital equipment. So, not only do we keep babies safe, we are making the world a healthier one by protecting the life-saving equipment hospitals use on a daily basis. Yep, those MRI machines and CT scanners are susceptible to corrosion, but thanks to Purafil, corrosion is a thing of the past. We filter the air of these corrosive gases, so the machines remain functional and can keep on saving lives.

We protect life-saving hospital equipment

More Productive

6. We keep industrial plants up and running. Whether it’s the paper products we use every day or the gasoline we rely on to power our cars, a lot of our every day items come from an industrial plant. Wastewater treatment plants clean the water, pulp and paper mills make paper products, refineries yield gasoline, and all of them require heavy equipment and increasingly complex electronics to operate. Purafil prevents downtime by ensuring that these pieces of equipment don’t corrode and thus fail. Say goodbye to corrosive gases and hello to a more productive industrial plant!

We keep industrial plants up and running

7. We get rid of sick building syndrome. Have you ever noticed when half the office is out sick? The office becomes a ghost town and you become paranoid that you’re going to catch something. Well, sick building syndrome is a thing, and it’s a thing Purafil helps get rid of. A result of poor ventilation, sick building syndrome usually causes increased respiratory problems and headaches (and more sick days). Purafil cleans the air, so all you’re breathing is fresh air. Less sick employees, more productive days.

We get rid of sick building syndrome

8. We get you to work. We know, everyone wants a day off, but what if you couldn’t get anywhere because you couldn’t start your car? We make you more productive (assuming you’re not playing hooky and going to the movies instead) by cleaning the air of corrosive gases at the refineries that make your gasoline. Not to mention increasing the refinery’s productivity by ensuring less maintenance and downtime for their critical equipment. And because no car can run without tires, we make sure tire manufacturers are protected, too. They require motor drives to make tires, which are susceptible to corrosion. We make sure that doesn’t happen by removing corrosive gases from the environment, ensuring your tires make it to your car.

We get you to work

9. We make sure your kids stay in school. Germs are everywhere, but especially in schools, so it’s no surprise that kids miss quite a few days of school due to illness. But did you know that it could be caused by contaminants in the air? We keep your kids in school (and more productive) by reducing sick days and asthma inhaler use. How? We remove all that “gunk” from the air!

We make sure your kids stay in school