SPHINX™ Outlasts Competitors to Deliver Superior Odor Control

Filtration Plus Ltd., the leading air filtration company serving Atlantic Canada,
was receiving requests for odor control solutions from multiple indoor grow
house facilities seeking the right option to meet Health Canada odor regulations.
This includes a 14-acre grow facility with a production capacity of nearly
250,000 pounds per year. After trying several competing carbon-only solutions
that were failing in a matter of weeks, these facilities needed a longer lasting
odor control product. Filtration Plus was able to offer Purafil’s SPHINX line as a

Filtration Plus installed SPHINX canisters with a patented blend of engineered
filtration media and noticed that not only did the odor control service life last
more than four times longer, but the media also had the added benefit of mold
and powdery mildew control. When grow facilities recirculate and exhaust out
air carrying mildew, they can introduce contamination into the facility, pulling
the same contaminated air back into the fresh air inlets. Unlike regular activated
carbon, SPHINX media does not support mildew or mold growth and captures a
broader range of odorous gases produced by grow facilities.

The success Filtration Plus saw with the SPHINX line made them even more
comfortable providing customers with this long-lasting odor control media.
They have seen so much success with the SPHINX products that they now
offer them to an array of customers, including several retail dispensaries that
require odor control solutions due to their location in high-traffic commercial
areas. Even the consulting engineers who Filtration Plus partner with are more
comfortable selecting SPHINX–so much so that it has become a standard in
most specifications.

Purafil’s SPHINX line was designed specifically to address the needs
of grow facilities and help licensed producers stay compliant with odor
regulations by completely removing 99.9% of odorous gases commonly
produced by grow house facilities. It also minimizes powdery mildew and
mold, making it the ultimate solution for grow facilities.

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