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Preservation Market

Four environmental factors — particulates, temperature, humidity and gaseous pollution —have been shown to damage historical artifacts and materials. Of these, gaseous pollution is the most destructive. From the Sistine Chapel to the Smithsonian, Purafil protects archives and works-of-art around the world from gaseous pollutants. Based on decades of research, we have developed comprehensive design standards for numerous preservation applications. Our solutions for air quality assessment, filtration of harmful pollutants, and air quality monitoring set the standards for the safeguarding of history.

Purafil is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Single-Source Manufacturer of Media, Modules, Equipment and Instrumentation. Ask for only genuine Purafil factory products! Do not be confused by companies that strictly buy and resell other products that sacrifice quality and performance. Contact your local Purafil Representative today to order Genuine Purafil Products!



Purafil offers a broad spectrum of dry-chemical adsorbents called media, which are the core of our built-to-order air purification systems.

Complementary Media Life Analysis: Purafil’s laboratory analyzes samples of media from your air scrubber to determine the remaining life. A date for replacement can then be scheduled to ensure the protected space is not exposed to gas breakthrough or media is replaced prematurely.



Purafil offers a variety of modular systems to mitigate moderate to high levels of pollutants in makeup, supply, and return airstreams. Our systems are designed to meet your facility’s unique airflow requirements, pollutant levels, and space limitations.

Outside makeup air is a primary source of pollution in most any commercial facility. This air often contains high quantities of pollutants — ozone, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, and volatile organic compounds — which can result in indoor air quality complaints. Purafil offers the solution with a variety of modular systems to filter pollutants from makeup, supply, and return airstreams.


Filters & Modules

Purafil offers disposable factory-filled modules, filters and Purafilter®; the only line of pleated fiber filters to contain our patented media for oxidation and elimination of odorous and irritant gases.


Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Tools

Purafil’s patented OnGuard® monitor provides continuous, real-time air quality measurements. Use the OnGuard to establish air quality trends and take preventive action before serious damage occurs.

Technical Services

From laboratory Media Life Analysis to on-site consultations, Purafil offers responsive technical and laboratory support to solve your corrosion problems and improve process reliability. Click here to learn more about the most advanced gas-phase air filtration research and development laboratory!

Please also visit www.corrosionmonitor.com or www.purafilonguard.com!