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Industrial Market

We specialize in the design and manufacture of corrosion control media and scrubbers to improve process reliability. Our scrubbers provide clean air to control rooms, motor control centers, rack rooms, and other areas housing electronics and electrical equipment. Purafil also manufactures scrubbers to protect electronic cabinets and compressors from damage caused by corrosive air.

Purafil believes in the value of air quality assessment and continuous real-time monitoring, so customers can verify the performance of their air scrubbers and the level of corrosion in the protected space. These tools enable customers to prevent corrosion damage and are key to a successful air quality control program.

By using Purafil air scrubbing media and systems, you can greatly improve the reliability of production processes. You can also prevent expenditures for new systems and lost revenue due to repairs and other downtime-related expenses. We provide engineered solutions and comprehensive services to meet any corrosion challenge.

Purafil also provides complimentary services and technical expertise, so we can quickly and effectively solve difficult problems, identify factors contributing to corrosion damage, and help to prevent corrosion occurrences.

Purafil is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Single-Source Manufacturer of Media, Modules, Equipment and Instrumentation. Ask for only genuine Purafil factory products! Do not be confused by companies that strictly buy and resell other products that sacrifice quality and performance. Contact your local Purafil Representative today to order Genuine Purafil Products!

Purafil, Inc. and our sister company, Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation are proud members of the Kaydon Environmental Services Group family of companies.  Kaydon Custom Filtration is located in LaGrange, Georgia where they design, engineer and manufacture turbine oil conditioners, as well as filtration, separation, coalescing and vacuum dehydration systems. These products can help:

  • Extend the Service Life of Lubricants and Fuels
  • Protect Capital Investments
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs and Premature Equipment Failure
  • Minimize Fuel Waste

Click here for Industrial Solutions from Kaydon Custom Filtration Corporation.


Purafil engineers and manufactures patented media for control of corrosive, acid gases. These media are the heart of our air scrubbing systems. We customize our systems according to the types and levels of gases present, as determined by your Air Quality Assessment.

Complementary Media Life Analysis: Purafil’s laboratory analyzes samples of media from your air scrubber to determine the remaining life. A date for replacement can then be scheduled to ensure the protected space is not exposed to gas breakthrough or media is replaced prematurely.

  • GridBLOK™ – Available in FIVE Media Formulations
  • Purafil® SP – Oxidizes Sulfur Gases and Nitrogen Oxides
  • Puracarb® – Neutralizes Hydrogen Sulfide and Removes Chlorine.
  • Puracarb® AM – Targets Ammonia.
  • Purakol® – Used in Combination with Other Media for Broad-Spectrum Pollutant Removal.
  • Purafil® SP Blend – Removes Sulfur Gases, Nitrogen Oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds


Purafil manufactures a variety of scrubbers to protect critical electronics from corrosive, acid gases. Our systems reduce contaminant levels to those specified by the Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society (ISA) Standard 71.04-1985, the most popular guideline for warranties of electronic equipment.


Filters & Modules

Purafil manufactures a variety of factory-filled disposable media modules for our air scrubbing systems that are customized according to the types and levels of gases present.


Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Tools

Air is the most serious threat to the reliability of your electronics. Multi-million dollar computer systems that control industrial manufacturing processes are prone to premature failure in highly corrosive environments. By using Purafil products and services, you can improve process reliability. You can also prevent expenditures for new systems and lost revenue due to repairs and other downtime-related expenses. The Purafil solution for controlling corrosion includes...

Technical Services

From laboratory Media Life Analysis to on-site consultations, Purafil offers responsive technical and laboratory support to solve your corrosion problems and improve process reliability. Click here to learn more about the most advanced gas-phase air filtration research and development laboratory!

Please also visit www.corrosionmonitor.com or www.purafilonguard.com!

Liquid Filtration Solutions from Kaydon Custom Filtration

For Industrial applications, Kaydon Filtration offers a variety of fuel and oil filtration systems and elements to:

  • Minimize Fuel Waste
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Protect Critical Machinery
  • Extend Fuel and Lubricant Life

Gear Oil Filtration Systems

Turbine Lubrication Oil Filtration Systems

Vacuum Distillation Oil Conditioning Systems

Fuel/Water Separation Systems

General Purpose Oil Filtration Systems