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Cleanroom/AMC Market

The term airborne molecular contamination (AMC) refers to the presence of unwanted gas-phase contaminants in the cleanroom. Purafil is the world leader in gas-phase air filtration and monitoring technologies. Purafil systems are currently in operation at premier facilities worldwide. We have presented our AMC control philosophy throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. We provide clean air solutions to a variety of facilities worldwide, including:

Purafil is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Single-Source Manufacturer of Media, Modules, Equipment and Instrumentation. Ask for only genuine Purafil factory products! Do not be confused by companies that strictly buy and resell other products that sacrifice quality and performance. Contact your local Purafil Representative today to order Genuine Purafil Products!


Purafil dry-chemical media remove airborne molecular contaminants (AMC) through an instantaneous and irreversible process known as chemisorption. During this process, the media’s active ingredient transforms the contaminant into a stable solid, which remains trapped inside the porous cavity of the pellet. Purafil offers a custom selection of engineered media, each designed to target specific contaminants. Using select Purafil media in combination ensure complete and targeted control of multiple gaseous contaminants.

Complementary Media Life Analysis: Purafil’s laboratory analyzes samples of media from your air scrubber to determine the remaining life. A date for replacement can then be scheduled to ensure the protected space is not exposed to gas breakthrough or media is replaced prematurely.

  • GridBLOK™ Filter Available in FIVE Formulations
  • PuraCarb® - Neutralization of chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Purafil® SP – Powerful oxidation of AMC, including arsine, phosphine, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde, and many organic compounds.
  • PuraCarb® AM – Targeted removal of bases, such as amines, ammonia, and like compounds.
  • Purafil® SP Blend – Broad spectrum control of internally-generated emissions as well as contaminants present in outside makeup air.




Filters & Modules

NEW!  The PuraGRID™ is a revolutionary new filter that is designed to supply a large amount of chemical filtration with minimal amount of pressure drop.  Our newly developed media delivery system offers increased operational performance and energy savings.

Purafilter® line of pleated fiber filters for combination control of airborne particulate and molecular contaminants.

The Purafilter offers the following benefits:

Targeted AMC control: The Purafilter is available in a variety of Purafil media combinations to assure targeted control of specific contaminants in different areas of your facility.

Will not off-gas: Purafilter media permanently remove AMC through chemisorption, an instantaneous and irreversible chemical reaction process. Unlike activated carbon-only filters, Purafilter media transforms AMC into stable chemical compounds, which remain trapped within the media and will not desorb.

Variety of sizes: Since each application is unique, Purafil offers the Purafilter in a variety of custom sizes and media combinations.

Complete filtration solution: The Purafilter is a combination high-efficiency particulate and chemical filter for complete control of contaminants in a single pass.




Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Tools

Technical Services

From laboratory Media Life Analysis to on-site consultations, Purafil offers responsive technical and laboratory support to solve your corrosion problems and improve process reliability. Click here to learn more about the most advanced gas-phase air filtration research and development laboratory!

Please also visit www.corrosionmonitor.com or www.purafilonguard.com!