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Plants, mills, and refineries worldwide trust Purafil to prevent corrosion for improved productivity and process reliability.


Purafil ESD systems are an effective solution for controlling sewage odors and preventing toxic gas releases.


Purafil has developed a program that includes assessing AMC levels in the external and internal environments.


Airports, office buildings, and other commercial facilities trust Purafil to improve indoor air quality, and save energy.


Purafil protects archives and works of art around the world from destructive gaseous pollutants.

Real-Time Monitoring

OnGuard® monitoring technology provides customers with real-time, air quality measurements.

Doraville, GA - October 16, 2013  Purafil is pleased to announce today that SKF Group has officially closed its acquisition of Kaydon Corporation (NYSE:KDN), including Purafil. Purafil is fortunate to be a part of this merger and energized by the prospect of new challenges and opportunities associated with it.


Purafil understands the chemistry between the air we breathe and the vital elements it affects. The health and comfort of people, the reliability of automated processes within industrial trade, and the preservation of priceless works-of-art are significant to our clients. In fact, our unparalleled team of scientists and engineers are trusted worldwide to protect people, improve reliability of production processes, and preserve history.

Innovative Air Filtration Media for Corrosion Control

The key to the success of Purafil has been our innovative gas-phase air filtration media. Unlike other industrial air filters which trap pollutants, the Purafil media actually converts the contaminants into a harmless compound. When combined with Purafil's made to order air filtration equipment, the result is safe, efficient and economical air cleansing. Explore the Purafil website where you will find a general guide to the many air scrubbers available and informational articles on the many applications, from custom museum displays to power plants, that benefit from Purafil technology. 

Odor Control Media

We engineer and manufacture our odor control media from raw ingredients to ensure their superior removal capacity against hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, aldehydes, organics, and many other odorous gases. Purafil's dry scrubbers put an end to odor complaints!


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